Dancing With The Sigmas as brand-new New Members

New members Katelyn, Antonia, and Isha here! Ever wonder what participating in Sigma Kappa’s philanthropy event, Dancing with the Sigmas, as your first experience ever in DG is like? Well, we’ve got the scoop.

“I was basically dragged into this because my lovely friend Antonia volunteered my wonderful self.” – Katelyn Le

Not only did we decide to participate the day before the actual event, but it turns out we were in the same boat as our lovely Chi Phi dance partners, Chris, Josh, and Rodrigo.

As planned, we arrived an hour before the event, full of optimism and excitement, thinking everyone else in the room would be as accepting of the challenge of creating a dance routine in such a short amount of time — but, we were wrong. Apparently, several of the other fraternities and sororities participating had been practicing for several days — possibly weeks — prior to Dancing with the Sigmas.

In less than just forty-five minutes, we frantically picked a song and forced a sister of Sigma Kappa to be our designated choreographer (we love you!) in our dire need of rescue. Eventually, it came time to turn up the heat and present our fabulously choreographed routine in front of the entire ballroom.

Through the Chi Phi brothers’ Shakira-like moves and the constant laughter from the audience, all to the song Temperature by Sean Paul, we somehow made it to the end of our routine. We proudly represented DG despite our inability to place in the top three or even top six out of eight.

However, we had a lot of fun. We enjoyed our bonding experience with each other and got to know the Chi Phi pledges, all for an incredible cause: The Alzheimer’s Association, Sigma Kappa’s philanthropy. We even got the Chi Phi boys to make a statement about the experience, too.

“I was kind of thrown into it so I was unprepared but I had fun doing it and met some lovely DGs in the process.” – Chris

“With a song like Temperature, things were bound to get intense. I’m not much of a dancer, but it was really fun.” – Josh

So, if you ever consider volunteering to be part of any philanthropic event, our advice is to just go for it — and get the Chi Phi bros to bring out their inner Shakira!

– Antonia Anderson, Isha Aggarwal, Katelyn Le


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