What Anchor Splash Means to Me

(Tickets: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/anchor-splash-tickets-33060644277 )

Anchor splash is a nation-wide philanthropy event hosted by Delta Gammas at universities all over the country. Here at Boston University, it is held in our indoor fitness and recreational center–commonly known as FitRec. It consists of ten teams made up of individuals from greek organizations, varsity and club sports teams, and cultural clubs. These teams compete against each other in several events that all lead up to the Anchorwoman/Anchorman competition. We have vendors, raffles, and giveaways that are auctioned off the week leading up to Anchor Splash and at the event itself. All of the proceeds made from ticket sales and donations are donated to one of the branches of the Delta Gamma Foundation, Service for Sight.

What does Anchor Splash mean to me, you may ask? That’s a loaded question. For some, it’s her first philanthropy event and for others, it’s her last collegian event. For me, this is one of the several philanthropic events I have been involved in that Delta Gamma has put on since since my freshman year has begun. There are swimmers, captains, and emcees. It’s the time where groups all across campus come together to help out one cause—service for sight. Anchor splash is an accurate representation of the diversity and culture of BU. Everyone comes together to enjoy a fun time, while also helping a great cause.

When I first joined DG, I was kind of nervous and thought I wouldn’t find my “crew” or fit in. My new member period was awkward and uncomfortable, as most are. Coming into an event like anchor splash, I thought I wouldn’t enjoy it because I felt as though I hadn’t found my place just yet. I could not have been more wrong. Walking into the fit rec pool seeing everyone working together to set up, laughing, smiling and immediately having several people rush over to me to help me get involved was just what I needed to feel at home and at ease. To me anchor splash means what first made me feel at home with delta gamma.

~ Emilie Goldman

(Tickets: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/anchor-splash-tickets-33060644277 )

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