Whether you’re a potential new member, current member, alumna, or my newest stalker, you must be curious to know what it is like to be a Delta Gamma in the best city on the world–Boston. We may not have houses and we may not have nice weather, but we sure do have a special sisterhood.

Many chapter women claim that the reason they want to go through recruitment is because they want to find themselves. For me, that wasn’t the case. I’ve always had a good grasp of who I am and I’ve always been proud of the person I have become. I ultimately decided to go through recruitment to find lifelong sisters who I knew would look after me no matter what – and I found them. No matter how close I am to any individual in our chapter, I can confidently say that not only I would do anything to look after her, but that she would do the same for me. This isn’t a sort of relationship you can create in days or weeks, but months and years of lifelong friendship.

My friends and family in high school would never think that I would become a sorority girl in college. However, I’m not surprised at all. At Boston University, and in particular, in Delta Gamma we are far from stereotypical srat girls. In Delta Gamma you will find models, the president of the pre-dental society, a point guard for the club basketball team, the chief of staff for an investment group, and a varsity field hockey player. No two Delta Gammas are alike and that’s what makes my sorority so special to me. I have met the most kindhearted, unique, inspiring people I’ve ever encountered and I couldn’t be happier with my decision to pick DG for the sisterhood of a lifetime.

I’ve truly found the champions in my absence in Delta Gamma, and most importantly, my friends always. I am incredibly proud to be a Delta Gamma and I’m excited to create even more lifelong friendships with our newest members!
-Emilie Goldman

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