Why I Went Greek After Swearing it Wasn’t For Me

In high school, I was known for being the girl who had sworn that she would never join a sorority. All of my friends chose to attend southern schools with very large Greek life communities. I chose to go to Boston University, and I’ll admit, it was partially because I knew there was no pressure to be a part of Greek life. I never saw myself fitting into a sorority, maybe because I had some pretty inaccurate ideas of what sororities were actually like. But despite my anti-sorority behavior, my friends somehow convinced me to sign up for recruitment.

I remember the first day of recruitment and how my nerves were through the roof from the very minute I woke up, until I walked into my first party. And my first party happened to be Delta Gamma. Everything that I had believed about sororities completely vanished after those first ten minutes. As I continued on through recruitment, I found myself enjoying the entire process so much that I would call my mom every single day after I was done and gush about how much fun I was having.

There was something extraordinary that happened in the Delta Gamma room each day, something that practically brought me to tears. The girls in that room showed the most genuine, honest friendship, and I felt it every time I walked in. I wanted to be part of that more than anything, and I am lucky enough to now call all of those girls my sisters. Choosing Delta Gamma was the easiest choice of my life.

I couldn’t imagine how different my life and my college experience would be without Delta Gamma. I knew that the sisters I had just gained were all amazing, but I had no idea how much my life would be positively impacted by them. It’s incredible how one sorority can contain so many intelligent, creative, and passionate women. The overwhelming support we have for one another is one of the most inspiring things that I have ever experienced. I want to thank each and every one of my sisters for making me feel like I belong, making me feel loved, and most importantly, making me realize that being myself will always be good enough.

-Annie Marsh

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