Jogging with Joyce: My experience as a Sighted Running Guide

Delta Gamma has given me the chance to become associated with the powerful philanthropy: Service for Sight. Fully engaging in opportunities relating to Service for Sight has completely changed me as a person.

Service for Sight has given me the chance to get involved in service opportunities around the Boston area, further engaging me with my community. As Delta Gamma’s, we all encourage each other to take on different opportunities in our free time to live up to the promise we have made to our philanthropy. We are all passionate, caring women who enjoy giving back to our community and lending our eyesight to those who need our help. While we do hold two major philanthropic events to raise money for Service for Sight, I recognize the importance of being active in our philanthropy year round to further exercise our shared values.

Throughout my two years at BU thus far, I have gotten particularly involved in the Massachusetts Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired (MABVI).  Through volunteer service, I am a sighted-running guide for a blind woman named Joyce. Joyce does not allow her reality to limit herself, in fact she is an extremely talented pianist.

While I meet Joyce at her home each week and guide her on a jog, I am spending an hour of my time to make Joyce’s week. While she adamantly expresses her appreciation for my service, I only wish she knew how much she has helped and inspired me, too. Joyce has pushed me to see life through a different lens; one where the value of each day is amplified, and one where backing down is not an option. Joyce and I have formed a friendship, and our jog together is often times the highlight of my week.

Joyce pushes me to see the beauty in life, even during the toughest times. When I graduate, and while I am working in the real world, I will never forget the insight that Joyce has taught me. Running with her is the exact opposite of a chore; it is my pleasure to share my sight with her, as I know how grateful she feels to be able to get outside and exercise with fresh air. Running with Joyce is just one of the many ways I have volunteered to support Service for Sight; however, it is one of the most meaningful activities I have ever participated in.

-Sydney Girasole

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