My Year Living with DGs

When I go home for breaks and explain my current living situation to my family and high school friends, I often get mixed reactions. A lot of them question my sanity and are curious to know how I could possibly stand to live with the same girls I spend 90% of my days with. "Don't... Continue Reading →

Reflections of a DG alumna

There I sat in a sea of red - my hands trembled in my gown-covered lap, and my legs were crossed, one over the other, as my heart raced. Someone was speaking to the crowd, but I wasn’t listening. I looked to my right, then to my left. I recognized everyone, and yet no one.... Continue Reading →

Dancing With The Sigmas as brand-new New Members

New members Katelyn, Antonia, and Isha here! Ever wonder what participating in Sigma Kappa’s philanthropy event, Dancing with the Sigmas, as your first experience ever in DG is like? Well, we’ve got the scoop. “I was basically dragged into this because my lovely friend Antonia volunteered my wonderful self.” - Katelyn Le Not only did... Continue Reading →

What Anchor Splash Means to Me

(Tickets: ) Anchor splash is a nation-wide philanthropy event hosted by Delta Gammas at universities all over the country. Here at Boston University, it is held in our indoor fitness and recreational center–commonly known as FitRec. It consists of ten teams made up of individuals from greek organizations, varsity and club sports teams, and cultural... Continue Reading →


  Whether you’re a potential new member, current member, alumna, or my newest stalker, you must be curious to know what it is like to be a Delta Gamma in the best city on the world–Boston. We may not have houses and we may not have nice weather, but we sure do have a special... Continue Reading →

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